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IEM CEO Madhu Beriwal Wins Enterprising Women of the Year 2011


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Anti-Terrorist Training in a Mixed-Reality Setting

Mixed Reality Training

IEM’s Smarty Pantz Studios works with combat profilers to create highly adaptable and customizable mixed-reality training programs, helping warfighters learn to recognize terrorist behavior in common, everyday situations.




WebPuff is a comprehensive web-based emergency management decision support system designed to aid in planning for, responding to, and recovering from a chemical accident or incident.


IEM 25th Anniversary Videos

IEM's 25th Anniversary
Madhu Beriwal, President & CEO


25 Years of Homeland Security &
Emergency Management Success

25 years of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Success

25 Years of Information Technology &
Software Development Success



25 Years of Defense Support

25 years of Defense Support

25 Years of Growth and Development


Public Performance Management

25 years of Defense Support