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Incorporating Science, Technology, and Subject Matter Expertise in Support of Force and Installation Protection

Demonstrated Successes

Maximizing Behavior Analysis with Massive Multi-Sensor Networks
Dr. Serge Olszanskyj, IEM Computational Scientist, authored “Maximizing Behavior Analysis with Massive Multi-Sensor Networks ” for the April 2012 issue of IQT Quarterly. This paper presents a path toward effectively transforming the exponential growth in U.S. intelligence data streams into an asset for analysts through automated suggestions of future outcomes and behavioral intent.
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Mixed-Reality Training – SMART Warfighter
Experiencing the excitement of IEM’s mixed-reality training program, Warfighters hope to sharpen their skills to effectively identify and resolve unforeseen situations—such as a sniper or a booby-trapped villager. Soldiers walk through carefully crafted settings wrapped in computer generated backgrounds— which change based on the training scenario. Costumed actors who help simulate potentially dangerous situations in a Middle Eastern village get “up close and personal” with soldiers as they move through the simulated village.

Smart Warfighter
S.M.A.R.T Warfighter
Developers' Commentary

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IEM Defense solutions help protect, support, and improve the performance of warfighters and military leaders at home and on the battlefield. Our science- and technology-based tools and capabilities, combined with the unique blend of operational, academic, and policy level experience, enable us to deliver cutting edge solutions that meet client needs, from operational to national policy levels.

We offer a broad spectrum of solutions—from creating a safe and effective hands-on mixed-reality training environment which prepares soldiers for the uncertainties of counterinsurgency to developing a more accurate chemical dispersion model that can counteract the effects of a WMD. We also provide valuable testing and evaluation services, including independent verification and validation (IV&V). IEM supplies a wide range of manpower—from CBRNE subject matter experts (SMEs), to IT professionals, scientists, and administrative support personnel.

Using IEM decision support systems, military leaders can assess threats, calculate risks, and mitigate dangerous situations for force, installation, and critical infrastructure protection. Many of IEM’s award-winning projects and products have turned into industry standards, military doctrine, best practices methodologies, and joint programs of record.


CBRNE - Since 1999, IEM has provided program integration support to the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Management Program (CSEPP), including technical and analytical studies; modeling and simulation; program guidance; conference and meeting administration; public affairs, including assistance on annual reports to Congress; software development; and maintenance of a Web-based portal.

Counterterrorism/Counterinsurgency - IEM combines advanced technologies, popular gaming interfaces, knowledge of military history, and an understanding of social networking to create a counterterrorism/counterinsurgency framework which helps warfighters and military leaders deal with the uncertainties of asymmetric warfare.

Modeling & Simulation - Exploring “what if” scenarios through modeling and simulation allows leaders to consider hypothetical changes to doctrine, training, equipment, procedures, and organizational structures in a risk-free environment. IEM models complex systems that have incorporated elements as diverse as weather conditions, disease progression, effects of mitigation measures, and social networking tendencies.

Program Management - For nearly 20 years, IEM has provided program management to the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP), recognized as one of the most highly effective risk-based programs in existence. IEM’s award-winning technical, administrative, and program management support provides a “one-stop-shop” for CBRNE subject matter expertise, outcome-focused performance management, and strategic organizational planning.

Doctrine Development - IEM understands the importance of developing military doctrine, CONOPS, and protection strategies which can respond to ever-changing 21st century threats. Leveraging IEM’s advanced technologies, our subject matter experts (SMEs) capture and analyze enormous amounts of quantitative and qualitative elements associated with “lessons learned” for use in situational analysis and problem solving.

Training & Exercises - Known best for on- and off-post multi-jurisdictional emergency management and response training and exercises, IEM also provides education on advanced technologies—such as an atmospheric dispersion model that tracks the aftermath of a WMD. IEM Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) share insights on standards compliancy, communications/public outreach, and evacuations through workshops, computer- and web-based training, and train-the-trainer educational programs.

Research & Development - Extraordinary circumstances, gaps in knowledge domains, or urgent timelines may require IEM to help governments gather information, analyze, and report on special topics. IEM’s research library and data mining capabilities position us to rapidly collect, review, and collate information. Using internal and external assets and procedures—such as government electronic libraries and current operational tactics and methodologies—we can quickly absorb the data, analyze the information, and deliver results.

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