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Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Demonstrated Success

  • For nearly two decades, IEM has been the single contractor providing risk modeling, planning, training, and exercise for  a $2 billion national program ensuring preparedness for chemical weapons emergencies
  • Directly supported 300+ state and local jurisdictions/agencies in improving emergency preparedness and prevention since 2004
  • Providing preparedness, response, and recovery assistance to 10 major metropolitan regions of critical national importance
  • Developed comprehensive port security and maritime plans for 11 US ports
  • Identified capability gaps in 20 US states , forming the basis for national plans to address these gaps before the next disaster strikes
  • Supporting Federal catastrophic disaster planning efforts across the US
  • Contracted to provide air evacuation ground support in 12 states and designated host airports
  • Provided immediate disaster response support in 13 states; able to deploy within 12 hours notice 100 people
  • Conducted post-disaster damage assessments in four states, and prioritized recovery efforts , focusing on results that will speed recovery after future disasters
  • Proven successful mitigation program management and planning support as well as integrating mitigation actions into recovery efforts
  • Managing key elements of a statewide program helping to repair storm-damaged rental properties after the largest disaster in US history

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The complexities and dynamics of today's safety, security, and protection challenges require more than ever to have leaders in homeland security and emergency management provide effective solutions that produce results.

Homeland security & emergency management is the core of what we do.
No one understands the challenges you face more than IEM. Keeping people safe has been IEM's core business since 1985. While many companies since 9/11 include homeland security and emergency management as one of several business sidelines, our primary focus is helping the Federal government, states, and local agencies prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and events of all kinds—from terrorism to catastrophic natural disasters.

Proven expertise, real-world experience in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
Since 1985, IEM’s technical and management expertise has been relied on by the nation’s foremost homeland security and emergency management organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and county emergency management agencies across the country. We have particular expertise working with complex protection programs that cross Federal, state, and local jurisdictions.

Our strong core of staff of emergency management planners include former directors of county and state emergency management agencies, directors of federal Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) defense programs, first responders, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals charged with public safety. These specialists and subject matter experts honed their skills in Federal agencies and in top state and local homeland security and emergency management leadership positions. They are proven leaders that understand your needs and challenges.

We possess deep technical qualifications, boasting a range of scientific and technological expertise more typically found in research organizations. We use our risk-based, outcome-focused technologies to help emergency managers and other decision makers achieve the results that work in the real world.

IEM has applied its winning formula of experience, people, and technology to hundreds of homeland security and emergency management projects for Federal, state, and local government agencies and the private sector worldwide.


Program Management - We help define the objectives of your mission, clarify the roles of program components, and point to the strategies, structures, systems, and capabilities necessary to develop a clear roadmap to a successful outcome.

Terrorism Prevention / Protection -IEM supports the development, deployment and testing of strategic, tactical and operational plans and systems for potential terrorist threats in order to protect against and prevent terrorism and other security threats.

Disaster Mitigation - From pre-disaster planning, technical assistance, and staffing support during recovery to post-disaster mitigation project management, IEM works to help communities reduce loss of life and property and move toward disaster resiliency.

Disaster Preparedness - IEM's risk-based tools and capabilities, including planning support, exercise, training, and modeling and simulation, help customers pinpoint strategies and tactics that will be effective across a wide spectrum of potential hazards so that the best approaches to managing consequences are implemented before a disaster occurs.

Disaster Response - IEM can quickly deploy the right and experienced personnel for on-site operational and technical support for any size and duration of response operation, which bolsters an agency's response operations to allow for continued efficiency.

Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding -IEM helps communities identify and explore all options and resources to support full recovery in the days, weeks, and months following a disaster by supporting public officials, planners, and community members in implementing a long-term planning process to ensure a disaster-resilient and economically stable community for the future.

Modeling and Simulation - IEM has pioneered the development of strategic and comprehensive modeling and simulation approach that measure the degree of protection provided by various techniques and strategies, putting emergency planning and decision-making on a quantitative basis.

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